Ryan Mayurvihar

Best Mobile Gadgets

Best top-tier phone With companies giving their all to their respective flagship phones, it’s a tough call to choose just one above the rest and the exercise is at best artificial. The iPhone XS and Max could take the top spot because of their smooth and impeccable performance, ever-reliable camera and unbeatable build. But changes […]

Best Gadgets in This Year

Just when we had thought low-priced laptops have given way to super-performing tablets and mighty smartphones, 2018 has offered laptop aficionados — and makers of those gadgets — some good news as the year saw a spike in laptop sales, especially in the budget segment (below ₹40,000). As expected, the who’s-who of computing made their […]

Best tips for live long

Impacts of heredity and and adaptation Like most jokes, it contains a background of truth. The heredity account. However, it does not explain everything, far from it. According to scientists, DNA accounts for about 30% in longevity; the remaining 70% are related to other factors, including lifestyle and psychological strategies . Large amounts of data […]

My best health tips for being fit

To be in shape, you have to take care of your health and consider it every day. Staying healthy is not living without worrying about anything, until you get sick and look after yourself to get back to your initial state. In this article, I will give you my best health tips, to apply daily, […]

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