Counter Strike Play With Friends

The computing power of your machine was not much use, any more than your competition graphics card since anyway, you display the game in 800×600 so that the pixels are bigger. You lost at that time 2 points in each eye, but you knew that the programmers were playing like that (or a friend had told you), so it had to be your config too.

2016, 12 years later, you have a job, an apartment and a cat and you only play on your smartphone in public transport. You forgot Counter-Strike, but Counter-Strike did not forget. Yes, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still the second most played game on Steam, just behind the famous Dota 2. At the time of writing, 430,485 people compete on revised and revised versions of the de_dust2 cornice or make  B2 rushes on de_aztec.

That said, Counter-Strike is not only a single game, all the variations are still played, and if you want to find the sensations of your youth, several options are available to you. Here is a little guide to prepare a good retro LAN as in the 2000s.


When you were young, Counter-Strike was a  mod . All you had to do was download the latest version of the client and have Half-Life to play. Yes, to say it quickly, Counter-Strike was free. If you find your old Half-Life CD or your Half Life Generation, you can try to activate it on Steam so you can play free … version 1.5. If your CD is destroyed, you will have to choose another option, but rest assured, it’s better for you.

Talented amateurs also made available a version of Counter-Strike 1.5 free which is downloaded on ModDB . You will only need Half Life 1 on Steam to play. And buddies, because it is clearly not on this that you will find millions of players (especially if you do not want cheaters ).


The one you knew as Counter-Strike 1.6, which quite logically followed Counter-Strike 1.5 became under Valve’s rule something very simple: Counter-Strike. It costs between € 2.49 (which is not expensive) and € 9.99 (which is way too expensive) and you can download it here .

This is Proust’s madeleine game from your childhood or teenage years. If you know what B 4 2 B 8 2 B 8 4 means, you know what you’re talking about and you’re already preparing to do a rush HE hallway, knives in your teeth. There are currently 20,653 players on Counter-Strike on the official servers: it makes a package and you will not get bored.


By leaving Half-Life 2, Valve has of course followed his fetish mode of play. Counter-Strike: Source had its heyday when it was released but also suffered the ire of fans and hardcore gamers, especially because of the  hitbox Source graphics engine that was not very accurate. To put it quickly, Counter-Strike: Source is quite annoying because you will die from a headshot while your opponent has shot next. This has made beautiful videos of complaints of all kinds.

Still, this is an excellent version. Counter-Strike: Source is worth a small fortune if you buy it off promotion (€ 19.99) but usually costs € 4.99, as it ends up being sold at each Steam operation, roughly every month. You will be able to download Counter-Strike: Source here .


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS: GO for Intimate is the most played version of Counter-Strike today. It is this game that you will have to buy if you want to squeeze the face on the latest cards and with the latest weapons and gameplay changes added by Valve in recent years. It is also, of course, the only game updated very regularly by developers who pamper their community.

Do not ask us why, but Counter-Strike: Global Offensive costs around € 13.99, less than Counter-Strike: Source, but Valve only sells it at 50%, so the game comes back at € 6.99 … more than Counter-Strike: Source. You will be able to download it at this address  and join the hundreds of thousands of players who still make the title one of the references of the multiplayer online game.


You thought you had seen everything and know the habits of gamers by heart   ? And if we told you that the most played version of Counter-Strike after those already mentioned is not at all Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (a rebranded version of CS 1.6 with some additions and a pseudo solo campaign), but a free mod that mixes against terrorism and zombies? There are about 4,000 players on Counter-Strike: Nexon Zombies, which is a Free 2 Play game. So you can play for free to play the characters of Counter-Strike who will fight against ugly zombies.