Little Lu

We take two candidates face to face, or two representatives of two opposing teams. The goal is to eat, as quickly as possible, three small Lu. We can time, but the easiest way is to put them face to face.


Each inflates a balloon and hangs it on the ankle. At the given signal, everyone must burst all the balloons of others. The last remaining with his ball in good condition won.


We prepare five puzzles that we propose, one after the other, to the teams. Each time, the team that finds the solution the fastest wins one point.

Strong thighs

Team representatives put their legs at right angles, back to a wall. Those who hold the longest have won.


A list of well-known acronyms is given. Each team has something to write. The team that finds the meaning of the greatest number of acronyms has won.

Obstacle course with guide

An obstacle course has been set up (see page 5). For each team, there is a guide without a banner, and a blind guide. The guide speaks, the guide acts. Others must be quiet.

The mummy

With a roll of toilet paper, cover as soon as possible another member of his team.

Swallow sugar

A sugar is attached to a string. Hands in the back, a piece of string in the mouth, we must chew the sugar as quickly as possible.


A football field is shown on the floor, or on a table, with chalk. By blowing on a ping-pong, you have to advance it towards the opposing goals. You can play with several balls.

The longest word

A list of letters being given, it is a question of finding the longest word possible. By teams.

Pass the hot potato

Everyone has in his mouth a small spoon, and teams are arranged in rows of the same number. A potato is put in the spoon of the first of the team, and it must reach the last in a minimum of time.