How to play video games

Choosing a video game or learning to play it can sometimes overtake people who are not used to it. Fortunately, you can choose from a very large selection and therefore have a good chance of finding a game you like. By giving you a little guidance and advice, you can start exploring the virtual world of video games in no time.

Step 1

Choose a platform. Today, to play video games, you do not necessarily need to have a special console or a computer inflated to block. More and more quality games are available on PC, smartphone and tablet. You will also find your happiness with a computer dating from several years. Test these games before spending hundreds of dollars on a console or upgrading your computer. When you want to move on, consider the following things.

To have the largest catalog of games available, purchase a desktop running on the latest operating system and install a good graphics card.

To spend less and set up your system more easily, buy a console. Opt for a new generation console (PS4, Wii U or Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) for the latest games, otherwise take an older one (PS3, Xbox 360 or an older console) to have a great choice of Used classics at a low price.

A portable console will be useful if you want to play a game that is not available on your phone.

Step 2

Look at the classifications of the game. Game classification systems vary from country to country, but explanations should be available on the box or in the online description. Games classified M (for “mature”) or not recommended at least 17 years usually contain scenes of great violence or disturbing.

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Step 3

Check the minimum system requirements and recommended. If you have a console, you should be able to play any game available on this platform. If you use a computer, you must compare the specifications of this computer to the minimum requirements to run the game, located on the box or online. Two types of configuration are usually indicated.

The minimum configuration required . If you do not have the necessary hardware, do not buy the game. If you just have the minimum requirements, the game will probably be slow or its graphics will not be as good as you might have seen in a tape. -announce or on a screenshot.

The recommended minimum configuration should allow you to have shorter load times, better graphics and avoid slowdowns or visual bugs in play.

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Step 4

Watch video tests. The video game industry is doing very well, but the gameplay (or playability) of some games is not always up to what we see in the commercials. Watch at least one test before buying an expensive game, a video test if possible. You will be able to judge the quality of the gameplay.

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Step 5

Keep up to date with news and classics. If some of your friends love video games, you’ll probably hear about new stuff, whether you like it or not. You can also find information on blogs and video game magazines, which you can find after a quick search on the internet. You will also be able to browse the very popular catalog of PC video games on Steam, the free game shop.

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Step 6

Feel free to start with suites. Do not feel obligated to play the first game in a series. Suites often have improved gameplay and graphics. Often, they do not even follow the story of the previous game  [1] .

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Step 7

Pay attention to competitive games. If you do not consider yourself a gamer, some genres may not appeal to you. First-person shooter (FPS), combat, battle arena (MOBA) games, such as League of Legends and to a lesser extent sports games, tend to put the competition spirit to the test. . It is often very difficult to learn to play these games when you are a beginner.

If you want to learn to play one of these genres, choose a game with a single player mode that will allow you to learn to play by yourself, like Halo.

Some games of different genres also fall into this category. Starcraft and Dark Souls series games are not recommended for inexperienced players.

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Step 8

Try before you buy. If you have doubts about a game, look for a free demo. If no demo is available, you can consider renting the game on a site like Gamefly or shop.