My best health tips for being fit

To be in shape, you have to take care of your health and consider it every day. Staying healthy is not living without worrying about anything, until you get sick and look after yourself to get back to your initial state. In this article, I will give you my best health tips, to apply daily, to be in shape and avoid being sick

Use your body

Today’s society pushes us to do less, to indulge in laziness, everything is easier, more accessible, requires less effort. We spend more and more time sitting at the expense of our physical abilities, which melt like our muscles in lack of movement.

Strangely, more and more people are complaining of physical pain …

I have back and neck pain, tendonitis in my elbow and often hurt myself …

And if it was due to lack of movement ? Your body is made to move. This is the only function of your muscles: to allow you to operate your skeleton.

What’s good about our body is that it’s incredibly adaptive and learns fast. What is good as bad. By not moving or staying in the same positions, your body learns from these positions and tends to borrow naturally. He therefore takes care to gradually forget those which no longer serve him; and it often makes a good package …

It is with this fixed and fragile body that you become a victim of chronic physical trauma. They are often called  TMS (Musculoskeletal Disorders).

To avoid that: move ! Teach your body to move in all situations of life. Have fun exploring its limits, playing with them and pushing them away. Make it stronger and it will take you farther, longer.

Eat at the closest to nature

Supermarket shelves are crumbling under the weight of tons of processed products piled up there. These products are very largely undernourished and have real interest only their taste. Even the simplest foods are packaged to be sold pre-washed and pre-cut. As if we could not bother to do it ourselves. Soon, we will buy pre-mâché …

Well, what’s stopping you from making a good brownie yourself? Any processed product is made from raw products! The advantage is that you will be responsible for selecting your ingredients. So you can control their quality, quantity and enjoy a delicious brownie on all levels. There are even plenty of alternative recipes, which offer you to replace the ingredients too fat or too sweet by others, more interesting for your health!

to provide balanced meals consisting of proteins, fats and sugars, low glycemic index to moderate;

to consume maximum raw products (close to their original form), the least polluted possible;

to eat different foods , including fruits and vegetables of all colors.

Making the right food choices is giving the best energy to your body. In return, it will allow you to give the best of yourself every day.

Sleep well and enough

Sleep is one of those things you would sometimes want to do without. Imagine the time we would gain if we could do without sleep …

Ah, but it’s clear! From tomorrow, I stop sleeping!

Even if it is tempting, your body reminds you very quickly that it is not able to do without a very long time.

Sufficient sleep and quality allows you to better recover physically and mentally . And it’s far from everything. It also allows you, for example, to better remember and accelerate your learning, to be more efficient, to stay young longer, to better control your weight …

Never neglect the power of a good night’s sleep!

Get in touch with the Earth

Yes, you read correctly, I advise you to enter PHYSICALLY in contact with the Earth and the nature which covers it. This allows you to enjoy its wealth of electrons, a great way to reduce the oxidative stress that damages your cells.

How do we make contact with the Earth?

It is very simple ! For example, you can walk barefoot in the grass or lie on it.

If you want more details on the subject, I invite you to click on the link above.

Be curious

In my eyes, curiosity is probably the most remote from a “bad defect”  Curiosity is rather the best of qualities when it comes to learning new things and evolving.

Being curious allows you to take an interest in things, to open up, to discover …

And to know why Ariana Grande has become vegan!

Well … If your curiosity could be a little better oriented, it would be no worse!

Being curious and open can be more fulfilling everyday and happier. Since your mental state is directly related to your health , it’s relatively important to stay in good shape!

Promote human exchanges

Talk, laugh, discover, learn … So many things that social relationships can do for you. Human exchanges develop your brain more than cognitive exercises like chess, crosswords or sudoku. They allow you to blossom further by creating many new connections in your brain.

I did not think my friends had such power, it’s so cool!

Now you will not see your exchanges in the same way!

Take a mutual good

Eh yes ! Mutuals are not here to help you when it’s bad. They are very effective when it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle and respectful of your body.

Having a good mutual will allow you to benefit from good soles for your shoes, to have glasses or lenses of quality, to participate in health and sports workshops for free, to make you pay your sessions at a practitioner of alternative medicine, etc. All these benefits will help you on a daily basis, in your health prevention approach.

Eh yes ! Getting help in the best way is also a great way to optimize your health

Take time for yourself and breathe

This last tip is really important, in our world where everything is going faster and faster. Taking the time to take the time is a luxury that too few people take.

Yet, to stop for a moment, reconnects you with the most basic principle: your breathing . She accompanies you since your first breath of oxygen and will be present at your last. It allows you to live every second and you never think about it.

Every day, take those 5 minutes that will reconnect you with this gift of life. Take these 5 minutes that will slow down the tumultuous rhythm of your daily life. Take these 5 minutes that will relax each part of your body; before leaving again.