Ryan Mayurvihar

10 Healthy Tips to eat well

I asked my fellow nutritionists to give me their simplest advice for eating well. These tips boil down to 10 points. If you follow at least one of these tips, you will have a more balanced diet and a much less stressful relationship with food. No need to follow them all. Start with one. When […]


Little Lu We take two candidates face to face, or two representatives of two opposing teams. The goal is to eat, as quickly as possible, three small Lu. We can time, but the easiest way is to put them face to face. Balloons Each inflates a balloon and hangs it on the ankle. At the […]

How to play video games

Choosing a video game or learning to play it can sometimes overtake people who are not used to it. Fortunately, you can choose from a very large selection and therefore have a good chance of finding a game you like. By giving you a little guidance and advice, you can start exploring the virtual world […]

Counter Strike Play With Friends

The computing power of your machine was not much use, any more than your competition graphics card since anyway, you display the game in 800×600 so that the pixels are bigger. You lost at that time 2 points in each eye, but you knew that the programmers were playing like that (or a friend had […]

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